The nature of humans

Natalia Baca

This image shows how humans are creative and curious beings trying to tame themselves in an attempt to be civilized.
A woman and her child are drawn in this picture. The idea of truly loving another is expressed by no other creature of higher quality than humans.
This image captures a ceremonial moment, and traces back to his/her's culture. Our culture sets morals and values, defining ourselves ultimately. This creates virtues that we live by.
In these images taken, it shows the rise and fall of the sun. No other species takes as much time as humans do for recreational activities, such as capturing and gazing at the sunrise and sunset.
When the artist made this piece he might have depicted it a certain way, whereas a viewer may perceive differently. This is the idea of perception leading to individuality, in which makes us human.
In this image, it is depicted that the woman on the left has a jealousy and desire for what she does not possess, displaying one of the fundamental attributes of human nature.
In this image human nature is shown by the idea of innocence. A two year old does not see a difference between his/her elbow and chest for say, whereas an adult feels humiliated of their exposed body
Credits: All media
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