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"Contemporary Street Art" Street art is one of the best ways to express contemporary art. It is made so that everyone can see it. Whenever you pass by it in your car it makes you stop and think about what the artist must have been thinking when he made it. 

In this piece of wall art, I feel the artist used color and technique to its best advantage. It is a very striking piece of art.
In this piece i feel that the artist made an amazing statement by creating several layers, almost masks, in the persons face. To me it symbolizes that we all have several "masks" we have to wear.
This piece is especially interesting because of it's almost stained glass quality. The artist portrays this dark picture with some very deep colors, that are simply beautiful
This artist i feel went with a more simplistic composition. Although still visually striking, i feel compared to the others that it is not as striking
The colors in this street art are very vibrant. It catches your eye and then the stark white of the figure in the middle draws you in even deeper.
The comic book style to this artists work is very intriguing. Pop art plays a role in this street art that i think everyone can relate to.
Fo this street art you have to look closer, you might miss something if you don't. The way it is composed is very well done, it creates a bold statement.
The black outlines in this street art is what draws you in the most. The boldness of them is very well done. When I look at this I try to find something hidden in all of the rich dark lines.
This piece is very interesting because of what we find in the negative space. At first you might not be able to tell what the piece is, until you look closer to realize that it's a man smolking
This one is one of my favorites. Even though it is very simple i think that is works the best in making people stop and think. It makes us ask several questions, like why is the woman crying?
This piece is filled with interest, color and meaning. This piece is why street art can be contemporary. Contemporary art always has meaning and sometimes people cant understand it. It's okay if we don't
Credits: All media
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