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My gallery is of Norman Rockwell. I enjoy his display of the youth doing things that normal kids would do. Everyday situations that we take for granted and just go through the motions. I chose him because he reminds me of how I was when I was little.

This work of art is reminiscent of that youthful quality we all wish we could revert back to. It gives you a chance to relive a time when you and your friends do something o the weekend. The artwork is entitled "Catch, The" but not everyone in the medium has caught a fish. The middle child has a look on his face of disgust. He is not satisfied with being the only one of the three not to catch a fish. The child on the right's facial expression is that of confident as if he himself know that he was going to catch one. The child on the left has a look like it was a surprise to himself that he caught a fish. He looks like he usually doesn't catch any. It is a look of pure joy.
This painting exemplifies the actions of the youth. They are running away because of something they did. In a way they are rebels towards the law. This trio wishes to disobey in order to do something pleasing to them. Even their ****** expressions tell a story. Maybe the pursuers are *** on their tail but not fast enough to catch them. They have also been rushed, not having enough time to put on their clothes.
The child on the left has a smirk on his face of being satisfied with how he spelled the word. The girl looks as if she is sticking her tongue out "winner" yet he is not phased. The boy in the middle walks away mad and a bit unsatisfied by how the spelling bee turned out.
This is my second favorite of the whole bunch because of its message. Men are all surrounding and leaning in the hear what the bartender has to say. His eyes are closed and it seems as if by the look on the faces of the other in the work that this message is something that they never heard before.
This one is my favorite of the bunch. None of the boys accomplished what they set out to do, which was to catch fish. The title exemplifies the boys perseverance and patience. They are "fighter" in a sense. Enjoy their "glass half full" attitude.
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