art of individual and naturalistic importance

Much of these artworks tell stories about what was taking place during the different time periods. Some will show the importance of a certain individual during the time they were alive. It will also show you what people valued and what they took seriously. Much of it will show you how nature was something valued and how people connected to nature. Certain colors and tones are displayed to show how the artist felt at that time.

In this artwork, there is a man sitting against a rock who is obviously sad about. the emotions of the other people around this man in the painting show how he is feeling. Their emotions show sympathy
This a self portrait of Alexander Hamilton. Much of the light in the painting is focused on Hamilton and the lighting around him is dark to put emphasis on him. This technique gives importance to him.
This painting uses a variety of colors and pus emphasis on Washington's clothing to make him standout. He is wearing dark black clothing to distinguish him from the background.
The light is focused on the blacksmith to show what he is doing. This might have been during the industrial period when people worked hard in factories. Many colors in the back are darker and faded.
This painting shows that people during this time valued art snd different types of art like painting. Painting may have been considered something sophisticated, and for high class people because of how he is dressed
This painting shows that appreciation for nature was important to people at this time. Much of the space in the piece is focused on the water and it shows how powerful nature can be
The environment is very dry and desolate in this painting. The colors are mainly brown and much of the light is focused on the tree that has no leaves and there it isn't very lively.
The color red stands out from the rest of the painting to put importance on the man sitting. This was around the time when the Romans were powerful and valued riches and strength.
This painting showed that people during this time valued nature and its beauty because you can see someone admiring the nature in the background. Much of the space is taken up by trees and mountains.
In this painting it looks like there is a mother with her children. The artist created a soft tone to show how the mother cares for the children.
This painting shows that the person valued plant life and maintained the plant.
This is a painting of Washington and his generals in Yorktown. This seems to be a victory because you can see the smiles on their faces and there isn't any war going on in the background.
This self portrait shows a woman with her arm resting on a Holy Bible. This shows that people during this time still found religion and God's word to be important.
In this painting the man is holding a book to show that certain people were educated and sophisticated. His posture is upright and he is serious in the portrait.
This Native Anmerican is dressed in his tribe clothing which is unique from others. Certain Natives had contact with the French or English but it looks like this Native was in contact with the Spanish because of the medallion he is wearing.
I enjoy how the colors in this painting aren't too bright or vibrant but rather softer and the background is darker. The light focuses down the middle of the water area.
In this landscape image, the dominant color is green and it mostly looks like grasslands. There is a small creek and lots of grass and trees.
This image of the jaguar and the habitat shows that the jaguar may have the ability to blend in with the background, with the tan colored leaves and light color.
The first thing you notice is the yellow spot on the first bird to distinguish it from the others. The artist made it larger to show that this bird is significantly different.
This bust shows Benjamin Franklin and shows how important he was.
This bust shows the clothing style of people during the time of Puis Vl Braschi and shows that he was an important person
This sculpture shows an action taking place. it shows someone in the state of being cold during the winter time.
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