Geography and Art

Using Art in GEO education

"Historical geography was promoted as a field of study for both boys and girls in Napoleonic France, the maps of whose territories were subject to frequent revision with each new conquest. Here the sphinx and pyramid in the cartouche of the map no doubt refer to Napoleon’s Egyptian expedition of 1798–1801; the globe shows Europe and Africa. The fine detail of The Geography Lesson is indebted to Dutch genre paintings of the seventeenth century, many incorporating maps and books into middle-class homes."
Check out the Chateau today:
Check out this building on Google Earth. What does the neighborhood look like today? How has the building changed?
The painting on the wall is of the Netherlands. Why?
Another painting featuring the Netherlands on the wall.  Notice it is in the same room as the Art of Painting.
The Palazzo Vecchio Museum contains a number of amazing maps to check out.
Where is Anatolian peninsula? Can you determine where it is by the features on the map?
A fun map to compare to Florence today.
One of two different interpretations of the same place by the same artist.
The second of two different interpretations of the same place by the same artist.
Map of Europe from 1789
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