I am not adventurous and audacious. So I hesitate to participate something which are contests, presentation. For instance, I wanted to participate a history contest, but I could not participate it because of fear of fail. Therefore, I want to be adventurous and audacious like Christopher Columbus who found a new continent with his passion. So, I choose this picture.
I choose The scream by Edvard Munch. Because, I want to decrease my negative mind. The picture explained that a man who was frustrated. I saw it, and thought the man is like me when I have negative mind. I thought that I have more positive mind than negative mind. So I chose the picture to overcome it.
I am very introverted and shy. I have a mind that I want to be extroverted person when I see that people. For example, singing or dancing on the stage and speech well and so on. So I chose this picture that appeared a woman who are dancing in front of many people. I want to be like her.
Rene Magritte is one of my favorite painters. Because he tried to paint different at that time.So he brought into relief specific objects. I want to learn his creativity because of my hobby. My hobby is to design videos, characters or furniture. So I have to think different. Therefore, I brought a painting which was made by Rene Magritte who had creative thought..
When I judge a situation, I can’t judge how to decide decision well and sometimes I decided wrong way. For example, my friends who is A and B fought and they asked me who made a mistake. But, I couldn’t judge. Because If I choose A, B gets angry, If I choose B, A gets angry. Eventually, I didn’t decide it. So I want to judge fair decision like Solomon. Therefore, I chose this picture.
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