ART 111-220N Edwards

Jacob Hoefnagel's "Orpheus Charming the Animals" was my favorite piece out of the five within my gallery. Hoefnagel created this piece in 1613 and it is currently located at The Morgan Library and Museum. The colors used throughout this piece are very bright and distinct which contradicts the composition of the artwork. The layout or composition of the piece is in the woods; therefore, the colors should be darker rather than bright. In my opinion, this was no mistake; these bright colors were chosen for a reason. From learning about Orpheus in a previous mythology class, my interpretation of the bright colors are that they represent Orpheus's ability to charm the darkest of beast and the wildest of animals; meaning he is the light in the dark surroundings. This painting also reminded me of what I read in the book about a theme of art called the Sacred Realm, that is what drew my attention to this particular piece. This piece revolves around Greek mythology and this particular artwork shows a lot about the spirits of nature. Hoefnagel did an amazing job portraying the story of Orpheus into his artwork.

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