Different people in different settings in their life

I love how the Impressionist period. I love the brush strokes, the colors because sometimes they are so soft and beautiful while other times they are darker and harsh,the way that people are portrayed in the paintings, and the different scenes that people are in. I also picked this time period was because growing up this is the theme of art work we had around our house. So I have grown up loving this period of art work for years and knew I would have a great time finding art work to put in my gallery! The art work to expect in my gallery is paintings of people from the impressionist period. Some paintings will have background scenes in them, but there will always be people as the main focus. Two of the paintings that I liked so far in my gallery are; the first painting is "Two Sisters (On the Terrace) 1881 Renoir, Pierre Auguste. The reason for liking it is because of the colors. The older women's red hat, her blue dress with the flowers, and the flowers in the the basket are very nice shades of their colors. I love how they stand out against the slightly faded background. The second painting I like out of my gallery is "After the Bath, women drying herself." 1884-1886 Edgar Degas. The reason I like this painting is because of the lines. They are very distinct in the painting, if you look at the women and part of the chair she is sitting on they are very defined, lovely and help the women stand out in the painting.

This one is also one of my favorites because of how she looks like it has been a long day and she is taking a rest. I like how it looks like she is sitting on her dress that she took off and just staring off into space. The colors are not harsh but they are calming and seem to be calming. 
This art work is one of the prints that my mom had hanging in her hallway and I have always loved looking at it. I loved the dark almost depressing colors of the painting. How the lady on the right has a weird looking blue face and yellow hair. I have always thought she was scary but made that painting. It seems like she is the only one paying any attention to the painter where everyone else is just minding their own business.
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