On the WIre

My chosen focus was on wire sculpture and the space that is both part of the sculpture and is not. I selected pieces that showcase good use of negative space. While they might not have the solidity of traditional sculptures, they lend themselves to the light, airiness that, at times, eludes stone and clay.

I love this one because of the fluidity of the pieces. Illuminated by the spotlight, their altitude is showcased and gives us the illusion of their flight.
Perhaps the simplest sculpture in my collection, Vacant House-4 is reminiscent of every child's preschool drawings.
Truly this piece doesn't make much sense to me but it looks great in my opinion.
Yet another simple piece, Butterfly Drawing-1 is an example of the illusion of motion that can be conveyed through a combination of wire and light.
The reason I chose this piece was because of the the way it made me feel absolutely unsettled for no apparent reason. Oh, the mysteries of symmetry.
This house piece reminds me of the houses we live in, everyone with their own world inside a larger inside a larger, etc.
I've always been a big fan of willow trees and this is just such a great representation of one using inorganic and rigid materials.
Vacant House-3 calls out a much different feeling than the other Vacant House piece. Where it reminded me of childhood this reminds me of the quiet house which can be left after the passing of its last member.
The last piece is the least like the others. I chose this one because of the intricacy of it's structure and the illusion of veins.
Credits: All media
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