oh ships, where art thou? - Steven n. Velastegui

The art gallery showcases the beauty, peace, destruction, and aggression of mother nature along with mans creations. This gallery visually provides the audience a time back when men sailed ships across the oceans, dying from diseases or natural disasters. Here we shall see if journey ends in devastation or peaceful transportation.

The majority of colors are light with very minor darks, the movement for this scene is very aggressive, the ships seem to be struggling as they try sailing the waters. The space between the ships are seem to be at a far distance, giving them a positive space and very good depth. Their surrounding are negative space. The contrast for this photo is high and light. The foreground is extremely active, as the waves seem to be excited and the ships fight the against the excitement.
The space around the subjects is negative, but the space between the subjects is positive. The boat in the center is emphasized as it shows the most struggle against the ocean. While the boats around the center boat are sailing calmly. The colors seems to be analogous to each other, they merge well and mesh well.
This boat sails calmly across the ocean, with light colors in the sky and on the boats, as for the dark colors being the sea itself. The colors are complimentary to each other, giving it a harmony feel. The space between the subjects are very distant, giving a far view in depth of field.
The colors in this scene comes with a slight darkness and plenty of lights that mesh very well, the colors are complimentary. The movement for this photo is very subtle it seems that the sea is at rest, the space between the ships are very distant and negative giving the subjects plenty of depth, obviously for the background ships. Contrast in this scene are coming from the left and right. The sky is emphasized, the clouds give a formation of huge waves, but yet it provides plenty of light in the center of the scene.
The colors are equally light and dark, it is analogous. The movement for this scene is very subtle, the ships seem to be sailing very slowly as the sea is at its calmest. The space between the ships int he background seem to be at a near distance but still negative, giving very little to no depth. The contrast for this photo is light, giving the ocean the high contrast. The scene is very washed out, not giving much to be emphasized. However the small boat in the foreground is ironically noticeable just like the large ships in the background.
Dark and and minor light colors in the artwork, this is analogous there is many shades of dark blues. Plenty of movement happening with the ships and ocean, very tight in space with the subjects, giving the scene positive space middle ground (ships), and foreground (subjects), but negative in space with the background (clouds), the contrast is mutual between dark and lights, the the sky is emphasized with the detail in the clouds and that small gap of blue sky facing the sea.
The space between the ships are very close, there isn't to much depth going on. The movement for this scene is very aggressive, the ocean seems to be destructive as the subjects on the ship fight against it and try to maintain themselves from sinking. The ocean itself is very emphasized, it is the cause and affect of what creates the scene, it is also the majority of the scene. Overwhelming the audience with suspense.
The color family for this photo comes with dark and light colors that mesh very well, the movement for this photo is very active, the space between the ships are very distant giving the subjects plenty of depth, especially for the background ship. The contrast is high giving a silhouetted look to the large ship in the background.
The artwork is very dark, making the sea seem calm and gentle. The fisherman are calm as well as they fish. The moon is emphasized in the background, it is the brightest source of light and the clouds give just enough space to view the moon.
This scene seems to be merging well with darks and lights. The darks being the ocean and night sky, the lights being the formation of the destructive waves. The subjects are very emphasized as each one have brighter colors then their natural surroundings. Space is slightly tight between the boats, giving the illusion that at any moment the boats may clash against each other.
Credits: All media
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