The power of color and emotion.

by Haleigh Soper

The colors in this painting are soft and bright, having an overall calming effect. It also makes you feel warm with the reds and yellows, while the touch of blue adds to the calming effect. This painting makes you feel tranquil with its beautiful color scene.
This painting gives off the feeling of joy and bliss, giving a visual representation of the good feelings love can bring. The gold may represent the value of love. The colorful patch of flowers also adds to the overall happy feeling that you get when looking at this painting.
This painting gives the viewer a feeling of khans and fright. The eyes add to the uneasy feelings acquired while looking at this painting. The bold black lines against the light yellow give off a dramatic effect.
This painting gives the viewer a sense of joy and innocence. The bright yellow makes you feel happy, the lush green grass makes you feel like everything is alright and its a beautiful day. The bold clear colors are aesthetically pleasing to the eye adding to the happiness effect.
This painting makes you feel cold. Everything seems cold and wet thanks to the blues and whites in the painting. This color scheme has a powerful appeal to emotions and senses as it makes me want to get a blanket. It also gives off a slightly depressing feel, as winter can sometimes be depressing.
The muddy and dull colors of this painting give an ominous dark feeling as people are getting hurt and maybe dying. Sadness is relevant here in these colors and it could even make one feel bad for the men in the painting.
This painting gives the viewer a feeling of anxiety/stress. red can be associated with stress and you can empathize with the expressions on the cold dark faces which seem to be in pain or upset. The woman in the background looks cold or lonely, looking at this woman makes one feel sad.
This is another painting that makes you feel cold and lonely. You aren't sure where the stairs are going so there is a sense of mystery. The muddy blues whites and grays give off a depressing feeling. the stairs start to disappear at the top into a haze or fog which makes you feel like things aren't clear and maybe gives off a feeling of confusion.
I really love this painting, and you can tell that the colors are influenced by jazz music. When most people hear jazz music it gives them a relaxed happy feeling which is exactly what these colors are showing in this painting. The colors are overall fun and rich, just like jazz music.
The colors in this scene are tranquil, peaceful and beautiful. They make the viewer feel like they are in a paradise with the beautiful bright greens and blues.
Thie colors in this painting are bright and fun, but the subject looks like it is yelling or some type of chaos is happening, which can make the viewer feel confused. Since it is depicting magician it seems as the artist was creating a sense of mystery and wonder which works well with the color scheme. There is also an overall warm feeling.
The complementary colors in this painting are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The addition of the purple and green make it more interesting. the colors are rich and although it is non objective it still gives off the feeling of emotions when viewed. these could be interpreted differently amend different people but it makes me feel happy and calm.
There is a looming feeling of impending doom with this dark and muddy color scheme which is appropriate for the anticipation of the storm. This makes the viewer feel anxious and worry some.
The bright playful colors of this painting give the viewer feelings of joy as one would associate with a new life. The colorful flowers surround the baby and make the baby look like it is glowing, the blue water in the background allows the colorful flowers to pop.
The warm colors of the fire and the black smoke in the background of the painting give the viewer a sense of urgency. The gray barbed wire also gives off a feeling of unpleasantness as barbed wire can be associated with pain and even danger. It is not a happy feeling one gets while looking at this painting, but it is still beautiful and defiantly appeals to emotions.
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