Straight Out of Compton

Catchy yet fulfilling in name this exhibit exemplifies the vast interests that not only spark conversation in my own my mind but that of others who can enjoy this collaboration of art work. Most of which pertain to the constant theme of not just struggle but more so the road less traveled. These pieces of art tend to address ideas not covered in the books we discussed.

The Yellow Birds brought a powerful perspective on war in the Middle East from an American perspective. This photo brings out the side of the war left in the shadows although it was taken years prior.
Todd Marinovich was physically built to be the best football player to ever play. His physique far exceed anyone else but he was vulnerable and became exposed. Gilgamesh faced the same downfall.
This picture perfectly emphasizes our class discussion on the perception that people are like ants. They are all working for a higher purpose as well as relying on one another to reach that goal.
Franz Kafka had an incredible way of utilizing his negative emotions and putting them into his writings. I viewed the arrows as consistent turmoil that he faces and they continue to grow in numbers.
Credits: All media
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