Heroes & Stories Through Mythology by Jonathan Paredes

My theme for this project is mythology. Mythology is a huge collection of myths that belong to many different cultures. A myth is a story that has been handed down through history, normally by oral tradition that explains the unknown. Oftentimes in myths, there is a hero with a goal and while his/her goal might not be reached. There is always a lesson to be taught. 

What is being depicted is the hero Hercules in a battle like stance shooting an arrow at what possibly is an enemy. Movement is shown because we don't see an arrow in his hand.
What we see is the Norse god of thunder Thor in a fierce battle with giants. The giants are attempting to scale the wall but Thor is there to prevent them from doing so with all his might.
The hero Hercules is engaged in battle with the multi-headed hydra. The hero has nothing more than a big stick to combat the deadly creature. He is preparing to swing and whack one of the heads.
Medusa's head is painted on a shield for combat. This depiction of her head on a shield was used to show military power. In a sense, to petrify the enemy forces and show that they are fierce.
Mithras is slaying a bull as a sacrifice for the sun god Helios who is shown at the top left of the sculpture. This ritual brought about Mithraism. Slaying a bull supposedly granted immortality.
Diana, the god of hunting and wild animals. She is shown holding a bow in one hand and her arrow in the other with her quiver on her back. Ready to go on a hunt for most likely food or material.
Minerva, the Roman god of wisdom and military victory. She is to rival Athena which is Greeks god of the same nature. She is posed with a shield in one hand and a spear in the other
In this sculpture, we are given the greek god Zeus preparing to launch a thunderbolt. This displays movement because he is prepared to shoot out a bolt and whatever enemy that lies ahead.
Lacooön and his two sons are wrapped in snakes and are attempting to escape the attack from them. After angering the god Apollo, and breaking his vow of celibacy, he is given the death penalty.
What is being depicted is the fallen Icarus being inspected by nearby sea-nymps. Icarus who flew a bit too close to the sun is now lying dead. While he did escape Crete, but not in the way he imagined.
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