rosy garcia shapes gallery

Art forms

This picture could be interpreted in a different way of what it is, it looked like two of the same statues but different color,but, it also looks like if they were buildings far away. Since this picture could be interpreted or seen in a different way it is low definition because it could be anything that someone's perspective could be.
In this picture high definition is shown, the rocks look like they pop out or stand out, the outline of the rock is strong. In which the rocks/ asteroids are in space and are floating and are moving and it is clear to interpret what it is or what is going on.
This painting resembles an abstract because it has many different shapes and details like lines and circles and colors,it isn't a visual reality, it isn't a specific painting like a house or boat, they are different and don't make up a certain image.
This painting has a representational shape because it's main direct observation is the opening or the door and the walls are there but they don't bring out as much direct observation because they barely show. The main focus is the opening.
This painting isn't anything specific like a certain figure or form, therefore, it is a non-objective shape because it contains squares,circles,and rectangles in this image.
This painting is an example of curvilinear shapes because the rocks are curved with flowing edges also the cliff has a flowing edge on top
Positive shape and negative shape is used in this picture,The hill of the white material is the positive shape because it is the main center of focus and the surrounding is the negative shape because it is dark and not much is to display.
This drawing contains rectilinear shapes because of the stairs and the stair railings contain straight lines and when the stairs face a new direction the angle changes with the rope/ wire that is holding it causing angular corners, between the rope and the stairs.
This image shows geometric shape because of the precise edges on the squares and the inner squares creating a pattern.
This painting shows an organic shape because of its green/yellow color on the leaves. This painting creates a form of being in the woods or in a nature pathway, where trees,plants,the waters/lake, and skies are experienced or seen.
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