This exhibit explores various pieces of art and their connection to the representation of gender in different pieces of literature compared to the representation of gender in today's society.

This piece represents the brides whom Gilgamesh slept with in "The Epic of Gilgamesh". The status of women was unknown in that time, but the men being angry shows that this unacceptable.
This statue parallels high priestess Shamhat from "The Epic of Gilgamesh". While Imertnebes stands mostly nude and tall, Shamhat knows her importance & takes pride in using her body to bring new life.
In relation to "Civilization & Its Discontents", this relates to how sexuality is portrayed in society. The woman in white and the man are looking away & not giving into their libido, the naked woman.
In relation to "Civilizations", this piece represents women as the center of family life. While men are attributing to society, women are forced out of that spotlight & into the home
Just like the men mentioned in "Civilizations", the men in this painting are working to make civilization better. Work towards progress takes away from family, sexual relationships, and happiness.
Much like the Gethenians from "The Left Hand of Darkness", this figurine has no gender. One interesting contrast is that Gethenian warriors don't exist because war doesn't exist due to no gender.
Gethenians can become either male or female once a month during Kemmer. This is the only time they start to show sex characteristics, as shown by this piece. This time is strictly for reproduction.
This piece represents the masculine role of fatherhood. Crito, while talking with Socrates before the death scene, accuses him of abandoning fatherhood & his children. This act is considered a shame.
Before taking the poison, Crito accuses Socrates of not being just in his choice, thus stripping him of his masculinity. This "stripping" can be seen by Socrates' lack of clothes in the painting.
This piece in title & content represent the gender roles in marriage that are also represented in "An Ideal Husband". Here, a bride is given to her husband to obey & please.
These two women were at the forefront of improving women's rights, much like Lady Chiltern of "An Ideal Husband". Despite being married & falling into her role as a wife, she is politically involved.
According to the Daodejing, we cannot have something without its opposite. This symmetrical piece shows a man on one side & a woman on the other, and the piece would not be complete if one was missing
This piece embodies the Enigmatic Female in the Daodejing. She is revered as the root of Heaven & Earth. The Angel of Life in a tree with a cherub serves as a parallel to the Enigmatic Female.
When it comes to the role of females, scripture passages & stories from Genesis can be used both for and against women. Here, it is implied that Eve (all females) is to blame for the fall of humanity
Alternatively, people say that Eve (women) were created from the rib, not from the head to be above or the feet to be below Adam (men), but to be equal. Here, Adam & Eve have statues of equal quality.
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