Molding A Hip Hop Artist

From a child learning how to read and write music to a hip hop icon. Most of hip hop's biggest musicians drew inspiration from their teachings as a child to the teachings in the classroom. From fallen heroes to gaining an angel. From exposure to drugs to exposure to other forms of music. Hip hop artists vary in style and range from knowledgable to conscious.

Slaves on a Coffee Farm depicts how African Americans began their exploration of music. While working on some of these fields they began to sing about the pain of hard labor and struggle.
This shows a group of children playing various musical instruments. Most artists the genre start learning music at a young age. Learning an instrument has opened the doors for many hip hop artists.
Formal training of music has helped developed these artists as a whole. Some strengthen their instrumentation skills while others learn more about their vocal abilities. These image shows we all learn
Knowledge is power. Some hip hop artists have found themselves opening their minds to the beauty of literature and expanding their vocabulary. Being mindful of the world around you through text.
Losing a loved one has fueled the biggest hits to date. Diddy's "I'll Be Missing You" for the late Notorious B.I.G. is an example of turning a tragedy into a never-ending, unforgettable legacy.
Jazz music played a huge role in black music. You can hear the influence of jazz music in a lot of hip hop beats. Brass instruments are becoming more popular.
This image shows a man with two faces. Two sides to an artists are very important in the industry. One should obviously be a good musician but also know the side of the business. Many hats can be worn
Herman Wrice was an activist in Philadelphia who worked to take drugs off the streets. Drugs are the focal point of some hip hop music. Wrice isn't mentioned much but influenced less drug involvement.
From the 5 Points location in New York. This shows how powerful music is in one's life with the writing "Music Is My Religion" placed above an image of passion. Graffiti is popular in the culture.
One of the biggest hip hop artists from Brooklyn, New York. Notorious B.I.G. wrote about his struggles growing up without a father, dealing drugs, life in Brooklyn combining passion and lyricism.
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