All the artist did here was place diagonal lines in a neat pattern all throughout the painting with different colors here and there. It makes me feel bored with the plain and simple design.
The complex and random lines intertwine, connect, and interact with each other. I feel intrigued by this sketch and how all of the lines were drawn randomly but seem nice and neat.
This artist aligned the lines perfectly to form a face, it looks like they made it by carving in wood. This makes me feel peaceful.
It looks like the artist drew the lines very neat and put them in specific spots and at specific lengths. This makes me feel energetic.
This artist made a black and white garden out of a mix of lines. Thin and thick, neat and random. This makes me feel imaginative.
I like how these lines are colorful and how random but cool looking they are. This painting makes me feel creative.
The way the artist drew these lines make it look 3-D and I the mixture of colors this artist used. This painting makes me feel creative.
This artist used straight and curvy lines to make beautiful trees. This makes me feel peaceful.
This artist used many lines and weird ones to make a woman. This makes me feel creative.
This artist used lines to make this 3-D shape that really pop out and capture someone's attention. This makes me feel happy.
Credits: All media
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