Art Elememts

sophie alfini

Shape is used in this picture. Geometric shape is used in basically all of the picture and is used in many ways with many different techniques. All the designs on it is human designed.
Line is used in this picture. There are many different lines in this piece that are visible to see. I can see curving lines the most, thick and thin.
Value is used in this piece and in recognized because the value beyond the face is dark and the value of the face is light which attracts the viewers eye.
Color is used in this piece and all artwork. In this piece the main hues are green and red. There are some lighter shades and darker shades of the color which means it has different values
Space is used in this piece. Some negative space can be considered as the sky because it is surrounding objects. Some positive space in this can be considered as the trees.
Form is used in this piece because it looks as though you can pick this up and that its an object that be picked up looked above and had a hight and width.
Texture is used in this piece because when you zoom up on the picture the hand has many what look like dents or small carved pieces that would feel bumpy or maybe even jagged.
Credits: All media
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