The Austrian Experience during World War i

Grace Wynkoop

This was a game they would play during war time. You would spin the letters around and try to make the red ones spell who started the war. When doing this, the black letters would spell who wins the war. This is interesting because they thought it was easy to predict the outcome of the war, when war is really not that easy
The Jewish were very loyal to the Austrian Government and they showed this by printing their condolences about the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand. This was good for the Austrians so they would have strength in numbers
The Austrian Military would release a List of Casualties for the Officials running the country to see. They would not release it to the public in order to keep moral up, which was very helpful
This was a postcard that could be sent during war times. It showed Franz Ferdinand as a very large general suggesting that he was still with them, leading them through war
The government realized that they needed to conserve money and resources. They put out advertisements for people to collect dead may-bugs and roast them and then give them to the government who would distribute them. The May-bugs would feed animals like horses and pigs
A child drew this picture in a school. The teacher told them to draw what they thought was going on in the war. This shows that the people knew of what was happening during the war
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