A magical night

The Theme of my Exhibition is Moons, Stars and Night Skies. I chose this Theme for my exhibition as I believe in our Contemporary society today this is not as appreciated as it should be. The time at the ending of the Day is magical and special and is wasted by society by not seeing what magical things happen under the moon light. In my opinion the moonlight is the most magical and extravagant time to be awake and witness how different everything looks under the moonlight. At Night there isn’t just the moonlight, but also stars, different moons and night skies that differ and change in an astonishing way. This exhibition has a variety of Paintings, Instillation, Videos and Photography. This variety of art chosen shows all aspects in the theme I have chosen and gives the audience a wide perspective on the theme I have chosen and how it can be perceived by a variety of different artists. An artwork I have chosen for this exhibition is a Video on how the moon moves and changes over a night time. It reflects the shape, size, colour and how it moves over night. This video gives the audience a realistic view on the moon and how it changes and what it looks like. Another artwork I also chose was an oil painting on wood which is a painting of a moon and its light. It depicts how the moon can be different each night. I would like to thank my sponsors Galaxy World and the song ‘Blue Moon.’ 

Structural Frame
Cultural Frame
Subjective Frame
Post/Modern Frame
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