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This painting caught my attention because of how Monet used the lake to show the reflection. Monet also used the flowers on the water the seperate the water from the forest.
This piece was significant to me because I liked how the painting illustrated the sky line in the back, But isolated the one house in the front .Also the detailed brush strokes on the trees brought this painting to life in my opinion.
The color and detail on this piece is simply amazing. Van Gogh is a amazing artist alone but the way he incorporated those white orchards in the painting with the detailed tree branches is breathe taking. Also the texture is the leaves shows the time it took to make this painting.
This Summer piece by Hans Thoma is very self explanatory. It seems as if the people in the painting are enjoying themselves in the rolling hills. I liked how Thoma painted the sky with a dark blue pigment giving the feeling of a cool summer night.
This painting is very interesting. I chose this painting for my gallery because, of the perspective used in this piece.The artist of this painting illustrated this work of art from bottom to top. The objects at the bottom being closer so they are bigger. Versus object far away witch show that they are smaller.
I chose this painting to be in my gallery because. i like the technique he used to paint the sky. This type of painting is fascinating because it not drawn dead on, but the viewer can tell what everything in the painting is.
This painting by Vincent Van Gogh represents a night lit up with stars and the moon. I liked this painting because of the texture he used to illuminate the sky. As well as the light he used to light up the homes in sequence with the stars and the moon as if they were connected.
I specifically like the lake in this painting. I liked the way Karl Ludwig Richter painted it so soft in mellow in symmetry with the orange cloud sunset in the horizon. However, he painted the cloud over the lake dark and gloomy to give it a erie feel. 
From a personal perspective this paintings texture in the field is wonderful. Van Gogh's Impression of a field of flowers and grass is in his perceived perspective. This whole painting was crafted from a series of brushstrokes in a one point perspective.
This painting by Frank Dobson in the early 1900s shows a sense of enlightenment. From my perspective it looks like the balloons are high in the sky to represent harmony. I feel as though the balloons are also hung in a line in honor of someone. 
This piece called scream shows depression in my eyes. I feel as though Edvard Munch in this expressionism piece wanted the viewer to feel his pain.  
In this painting, Woman with a Parasol in a Garden, she used various brushstrokes to portrait a garden of different flowers. This is simply a painting made of all texture. i specifically like this painting because of the way he portrayed they lady with the umbrella, its not dead on but you can tell what it is.
In This painting the Monk of the sea is ironic to me because, There is not much sea in the painting. This artist specifically used the sky to describe the sea; dark and gloomy.
I like this painting by Van Gogh because of the illusion of the clouds coming toward me. This shows Van Gogh's talent down to his strokes of the brush. He has certainly opened the door for future painters.
I like this painting by Monet because of the texture used to make the water and the shadow of a cliff. In my opinion it looks as though the main focus is not on the cliff on the horizon, but the shadow of a cliff that takes up half of the water.
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