My gallery displays a plethora of unique paintings that truly focus on the art of detail. These amazing images take the very minute portions of a painting and project them in such a way that it makes the beautiful big pictures that we all see and enjoy possible. It is the minor detail that your average viewer over looks but, it is also this very same detail that is often requested, desired, and admired when the presents of such is absent.

I think this is a beautiful work of art that depicts nature in all its glory. Do to the whole texture and color scheme It looks like it has a real prehistoric feel to it. Everything is surrounded by an overwhelming dull tan and blue color that just seems to complement this piece ever so nicely. The major attention brought to the background and horizon really opens up this picture creating a whole new world that goes on as far as the eye can see.
This grate painting is probably my favorite. It appears to be a very common painting of a pretty average scene i the park according to your average viewer. But if you dare to look closer you will see the magic of details at work. This particular artist chose to create this entire image from a colorful collection of assorted dots. To create this entire piece with mere painted dots alone would take and unimaginable amount of skill, passions, patients and thats why I love it.
This is a painting of what could only be described as an architectonical wonder. It clearly took this artist quite some time to produce this fantastic building with all of these cracks, crevasses, and windows on this vastly intense landscape. 
It is imposible to gais a pon this magnificent stone carving and not find yourself trapped in a state of Aww. With all of it's many ornate symbols and chisel work it's almost impossible to believe that this beautiful rock was crafted by primitive man.
This piece shows not only the art of detail with its almost photographic realism but also the art of the human body in its natural form. The beauty of the man and woman with locked eyes and bodies intertwined.
This intricate landscape does not only go on for infinity showing the very curvature of the earth, but it also still retains that amazing attention to detail. Even if you look off into the far distance of the painting you can still see a pretty realistic view of trees and vegetation in the background, which are accurately placed according to nature's design. 
This outstanding portrait takes detail to a new level. Even if you look closely at the picture it would still be pretty difficult to detect every object in the painting. This artist completely masted the ability to manipulate contrast to give a real organic feel. He captured every form of lighting and shading in this root. There is detail from the wrinkles on this sleeve all the way to the grain in the wood on the back wall and even the letter posted on said wall. 
This painting has a nice classic feel. This scene appear to be modeled after a major hustling, bustling city in the UK area of the world. I love the architecture in the background. It really gives off a structured vibe, almost as if each individual window was measured, hand crafted, and scaled to code. 
There is absolutely no end to the work of art. You can study every nook & crany of this painting from now till next week and even still you will not grow tired of it. It looks as if someone simply propped a camera on a mountain top and snapped a picture. When I really pear into this picture and I see things like the cracks in the mountains, the trees in the distance, and even a small village with people and animals that you can see clearly, I refuse to believe that this was created with a little bit of paint and imagination. This artist must of possessed inhuman skill. It looks like god's blueprints for the world.
This piece is very similar to the one before it when it comes to detail. But at the same time it is till extremely original. Paintings such as these show the world in a magnificent light. They reveal all of the beauty that planet earth has to offer in such a small window. This is the definition of art!
I could be wrong but judging by the halo on this man's head I would say that this image depicts jesus with arrows protruding out of his body. He seems to be enduring a ridiculous amount of pain, which could be in a metaphorical sense as in "he endures the pain of the world". This painting captures the very motion and emotion of every character in this scene.     
This piece shows patients and craftsmanship to the fullest. If you give this picture the attention it deserve you will see that it is steeped in life and motion. You can see every leaf on a tree, every ripple in the water, and every splinter in the wood. This piece screams detail.   
This painting really brings all of the materials in the scene into perspective. You can almost feel the stone sculpture in the background or the red velvet table cloth in the front. This artist also succeeded in accenting many materials with a stunning gold trim (like on the table cloth).  
This image depicts what seems to come off as a dark omanis full moon lit night. But at the same time it gives off a very calming night as well. As usual, "the devil is in the details" and in this masterpiece the devil clearly roams the skies. The clouds and stars form the very foundation of this painting. 
This farm based landscape of a pleasant country life is a humble reminder of simpler times. taking a minute to enjoy a beautiful sunrise and rainbow combination, this painting really enforces the belief that the best things in life are free. And with all of this amazing detail I feel as though I'm experiencing this miracle of nature along with the artist.        
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