A Visionary Look on The Composition of Art: A drawing will not be a drawing if there are no lines and spaces. A painting will not be a painting if there are no colors and depth added to it. A sculpture will not be a sculpture if there are no texture and shape. This exhibit showcases the different purpose of the composition of art in every artworks and designs that we see. The audience needs to know that an artwork will never be an artwork without these.

A dot is the basic composition of art. This famous artwork of Georges Seurat cleanly shows how he used the technique of Pointillism in his painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
Originally a draft plan, the sketches of lines and angles of an edifice is intricate and elaborate. The use of perspective and depth in a flat surface like this is precise.
The use of lines and perspective, together with the colors make the painting stands out
One of the most modern looking paintings in the collection, it shows different sides or perspectives of different shapes in different manners.
The rich use of colors in this wall graffiti makes it attractive to those who pass this artwork. The use of perspective and depth in the painting is very convincing and realistic.
This sculpture shows the most unique way to show a cube in the most unique and peculiar way.
The play with the cubes and its spaces in between can be subjected in further interpretations
This is one of the most elaborate use of wires to make a cube. You can see how painstakingly aligned the wires from the surface to the center.
It's just a simple cube but there more than this that meets the eye. The use of smaller blocks in its different sizes show how it helps to form an art.
It shows a definite characteristic about the sculpture. Its form and texture of the sculpture conveys a specific message to its audience.
One of the bigger and the most recent artworks in the collection. The mix of lines shapes and colors is very playful and attractive to look at.
The sculpture resembles a human bust through the use of metal strips and other things creatively.
The metals that resembles the line as a composition bends well and looks perfect as you can see the rest of it.
A creative way to shoot a building. It's like the viewer's point of view of the building.
The use of perspective in the photograph is wise enough to show the distance of the viewer to the other side. The wall also helps to show where the viewers should look.
The two powerful buildings in the photos shows symmetry. The use of foreground, middle gorund and background is balanced as well