my eye

I chose this image of a Bandolier bag made by the Creek people in 1840, not only for the exquisite craftsmanship but because bead work is one of my hobbies. I love the simple lines and the design. I can’t imagine the time it took to produce this piece. It is amazing.  Looking at the pieces that were created in the past like this, with the simple designs, and the intricate work that is being produced now, you can see how it has evolved and all using the same basic techniques that have been passed down generation to generation.                 The Bandolier bag was created to show prestige among the people, so someone would wear this every day. It was modeled after the bags European solders would use to carry the cartridges for their rifles.  Today I think an item like this is primarily used as decoration or part of a traditional outfit. Now that a beautiful piece of art work like this is easily attainable, whether you make it yourself or are able to purchase one, having a Bandolier bag to show your importance among the people is no longer a viable reason.
Ad             The reason I chose this art work is because the vibrant colors and different shapes. I couldn’t stop looking at this painting. The longer I look; I would notice another shape that resembled something different, like a leaf or a flower. I also like how the contrasting colors made the painting stand out, which made it more unforgettable. I feel, Ekrem Yalcindag, created “Contrasts” to show how these colors play off each other. I think by using contrasting colors, like black and white or red and blue, the artist wanted the shapes that were used to be more prominent.             I imagine the artist, Ekrem Yalcindag, wanted to use the diversity to show how we are all different. We may have different ideas but when we come together to make things work better for everyone, beautiful things happen.
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