Christ's Crucifixion - Andrew Horton

This gallery will include the representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Each of the following paintings and possibly sculptures will have descriptions of each painting and the visual elements will be further examined to point out the true meaning and feeling in each painting and find the differences in each.

This depiction of the crucifixion of Christ is actually a page of a prayer book. The page is the beginning of the prayer. In the page drawing, you can see both the Virgin Mary and Saint John standing at the foot of the cross mourning and weeping for their loved one. Notice the background of red, supposedly signifying the blood of Christ.
In this painting of Christ's crucifixion, you can see a couple of different things going on. You see Mary and John mourning the death of Jesus. You can also see three angels that look as if they are collecting the blood of Jesus. The painting has great detail. The first major detail is that of the cut the a spear made protruding his body right in his ribs. The Roman soldiers did this to make sure he was dead. You can also see the city behind him. The crucifixion was right there in the city for everybody to see what was going on.
This painting of the crucifixion is very dark and very detailed. You see the traditional Mary and John standing at the cross mourning the death of Christ. John is usually depicted in red and Mary in blue. These colors are almost complete opposites suggesting that the two were dealing with this in different ways. They were both mourning yes, but Mary is just crying on the ground while John is standing up. Jesus gives him the responsibly of taking care of Mary after this. He has just received a great responsibility. Something different and very accurate in this painting is the very dark skies. After Jesus' death, according to the Bible, the sky did become very dark and this picture does a good job of portraying that.
The figure that represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ clearly and vividly shows the excruciating pain and torture that Jesus went through before he was even put on the cross. Notice the difference in the shape of the cross compared to usual depictions. The cross is in the shape of a Y instead of the usual T shaped cross.
This miniature does not show the actual crucifixion of Christ, but rather what happens after. Here you can see Mary and John taking Jesus off the cross. You can also see Joseph of Arimathea and a couple of Jesus' disciples in this miniature. Joseph of Arimathea was the man who owned the tomb that Jesus was buried in after he died. Also, the great color and design of the border is just completely amazing. You can see the angels here mourning his death.
This depiction of Christ dying is quite beautiful actually. It does a very good job of symboling death by the way it cocks his head down and to the side with his eyes closed. The cross is absolutely beautiful with its golden borders and well designed base. It is a very simple piece yet elegant.
This painting actually has a sort of interaction to the viewer. You can see that John is engaging you into the painting by looking straight at you. Yet again he is portrayed in red and Mary in blue. The bones at the bottom of the cross signifies that this place is a place of death and Jesus Christ has just died on the cross. It is beautifully done when depicting the crown of thorns on his head and him wearing nothing but cloth.
This painting is well done and perfectly defines the formal element of value. You can see the night and yet see the buildings behind Jesus. Jesus is not depicted as dead, but instead shows him looking up into the heavens telling his father that he is ready to join him once again. The glow around his head signifies his righteousness and innocence.
This once again shows the events that happen after Jesus has already died and Mary and John are trying to take him down and prepare him to be buried. Once again, John is in red and Mary is in blue. Jesus and the others all have golden halos around there head signifying that they have belief in Jesus and that they are righteous.
This depicted actually an event that happens before Jesus actually dies. In this, Jesus is telling Mary that John is to be her new son and he is also telling John that Mary is to be the one he protects from now on. Now that he is dying and leaving his mother, Mary, behind with no husband, he must leave her in the care of John.
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