The World through  Perspective

Mike Szalajko

I chose this piece due to fact of i clear use of perspective. As a view you are looking down a large corridor, and the people in the piece are further and further away, giving the perception of depth.
This piece uses perspective to make the focus to the center of the stage. It also shows depth in the corridor behind the stage. I like this piece cause it makes you feel like your in the congregation.
I chose this great piece because the viewer is standing above the land looking into the light. The piece focuses the eye to the light on the horizon, this show where the perspective meets. I felt like i was huge!
The perspective is great in this piece, the focus of course is Edward Munch; yet you can feel the largeness of the room. After looking through the figure in the front, the room narrows out. This is kind of a backward perspective.
I chose this piece because of the simplicity of the city. The city is barren giving the piece a special feel of the mass of the city. You are not distracted by a large amount of people,and can look into the vastness of the city.
This piece was chose because it shows different dimensions of perspective in the same piece. There is a sense of variety, and it make the viewer see a perspective that is both near as well as far.
This is the first piece I have included that shows perspective from a different angle. You still get a sense of vastness but it is not centered. I chose this piece due to variety in angle.
This is a greta example of perspective. Even though the focus is on the family, you can see the difference in distance of each member. I loved this piece because the change of perspective is in the figures, not the background.
This piece uses perspective it two ways and that is why it was chosen. My eyes focused to the center island, yet once I got to that point you see the vastness of the farther mountain scape. The artist showed multiple aspects of perspective.
The reason I chose this piece aside from it being beautiful, the artist shows the depth without using a wide canvas. This is a great example of perspective because you feel like your behind the columns looking into the distance.
This like pieces before changes the angle in which the perspective comes into view. This reason I chose this piece was the different levels of perspective and the way the details become out of focus in the skyline.
This is an amazing piece, in which you have two perspectives both the walls and stairs. This is the first time I have seen Perspective take place the same way with two different objects. I chose it because of its urban feel.
This is a beautiful and simple piece, The focus is right in the front with that nativity. I chose it because of how far the artist makes you feel from the village in the distance. It makes you feel like you are right there on the hillside sharing in the moment.
This is a simple piece, but was chosen because of its fundamental use of perspective. You can see down a hallway and even see the turn up ahead. These elements of perspective gives the piece depth. Even the way the artist depicted the signs shows distance.
This piece shows how deep the room is and also how high the ceilings are, another example of dual perspective, both depth and height can be seen. I love how this piece make you feel so far and small compared to this room. This is a great example of what perspective can make the viewer feel.
Credits: All media
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