the Heavens and earth

Through the ages the God's have captivated people around the world. These images show not only tell the tales behind our creators, but they also bring out emotion and wonder through the depictions of their divine intervention.

The use of line and movement in this photo brings the attention to Christ and illustrates the varied emotions of his apostles. The picture comes together through the expressions of each person.
The diagonal line pattern tells a love story being brought into fruition by the eye lines of the two God's. The poses of the Gods bring movement through the surprise of the child with wings.
The diagonal line pattern illustrates the beginning of the story, and uses proportion and scale to move the viewer to the ending.
The diagonal lines of Athena looking down shows the perplexed Goddess deep in though, while her pacing is shown by her raised foot.
The lining in this painting is deliberately set to show both beings on separate planes, while the angel's position shows he is moving closer to Peter.
The curved lines spiral the viewers eyes, and move them chaotically up and down the piece telling many separate stories all at once.
The straight and arcing lines move the viewers eyes from left to right showing as the Gods dress Perseus. His movement is shown by his arching arms as he is pulled to and fro by the Gods.
The curving lines bring the background to life while keeping the focus on the baptism of Christ. The tilted view of the picture adds movement to the stream as if flow towards the viewer.
The curved lines of Christ's bowed arms show his lifeless body, while the reactions of those around him show their seeing him take his final breath.
The curvature of the lines and angle of the painting show the movement of the men as well as the flowing of the water to their right.
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