Harmony & Discord in shade

What better way to show harmony and discord than through total opposites. Black and White, Total differences but when combined make a beautiful peace.

This is in because what better way to show harmony than through a garden. But in a way the garden is twisted and snarled, Together they perfectly balance each other out.
A discord, Dark, and black, Steep, and, ridged. A mountain of black, Darkness, This is in because to show light you must balance out dark.
Light, Calming, cool, and free. A light mountain is here to represent the balance of the dark mountain. They fit together but are totally different.
Discord, A rock. This is picked because it is sleek and smooth, but it can also be different and menacing too.
harmony, Happy, A bright dinner for the family layed out perfectly. This is in because the light is filling and something different from everything else.
Harmony & Discord a bright water fountain bit a dark background they contrast and fit together perfectly.
A harmony and discord, The different shades bring darkness and light in to the whole piece. a very different spin on things.
Woods, It has a darkness and a light side to it. It is abstract and really grabs the eye.
In the woods, A family secretly goes through a fores. Dark and light and they balance each other out nicely.
A abstract painting as well. It shows both light and dark ways. It brings attention to its odd splash. secret people walk through.
A sweet corsage, it represents harmony but can quickly turn into discord as the flowers welt. This is in here because it can represent beauty and darkness
Harmony, this is in here because it shows harmony, A panda is out of it's home but is welcomed by others.
Discord, Underneath the floor boards, Dark and spooky. This is discord and is in here because it adds suspense to the gallery.
Harmony and discord, It is a unknown peace, It could represent many things, this is in here because it lets the people decide on their own.
Harmony, It a serine piece, returning home, to a vast beautiful valley, On horse back. A calming end to the gallery.
Credits: All media
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