Unique MovEment  - Cameron Messer

My gallery is about movement, but also the love and emotion that the subjects are feeling with body language and lighting.

I love the fact that every subject in this painting full of joy. Each subject has a story he or she is tailing. The lighting and detail is really amazing. Each subject is brining joy to another. We can see some of the subjects are with friends others with families. I love the different informants of the rooms and the lighting. Some rooms have more light and others are darker.
Looking at this painting is looks like the subjects are sisters are close friends. They live simple life style and stay close because they don't have much. The one on the ground is the oldest. I love the colors that the artist decided to use how they don't overpower the subject. They allow us to know the location, but focus on the subjects.
I love how the artist decided to use grey on the woman who is sad and purple for the woman who is full of joy. It shows each character's emotion. You also can see the relationship the two have. I love the detail that the artist went into, showing the emotion in the face. The body language shows the emotion that each subject has. The background colors work very well to draw the viewer to the subjects.
I really love how the artist is inviting us into the painting. With body language, we see how much his father loves his son. With the red wardrobe, we see who has the power.
A true mother's love. We see that the mother is full of joy and life. Her clothing is not grey, and her skin tone glows. A nice light brings life to the two subjects in the painting.
The children in the artwork are painted with bright colors. I would say that the artist decided to go this route because children are very lovely. The baby is wrapped in white because he is pure.
The body language shows love and joy that the mother has for her child. I love the style of the painting; it really show the lifestyle of the subjects. What I get from looking at this painting is that the mother does not have much but is holding onto the one thing she loves the most. The subject does not look rich, but is rich in love.
A stab in the back? A heart break? The red background works great with the red theme, which means danger. Two lovers who have had their hearts broken. The emotion in her eyes show the pain she has. She looks like she is going to hurt the man in the painting. This painting shows that two people who have loved each other can't let go, so one will force the other to let go.
The little things in life. That is what I get from this picture as I look at the body language of the subject. I love how the artist used the light for emotion. If we look at the hands and how they are holding the light, the subject cares about the light. I also love how we cannot see the background; it allows us to focus on the subject.
Credits: All media
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