Abstract angles

The theme that I've chosen for this project is how angles and geometric shapes are used in abstract art to create visually compelling pieces of art. I made my choices based not only on the abstract imagery displayed in each art piece, but also because the colors that are being used naturally drew my eyes to them. The sharp angles also complement the vibrant colors, and the eyes can often see many different images after close examination.

The angles in this piece again reminded me of buildings or skyscrapers, and yet when looking further, I began to see kites, or the sails on a boat. I enjoy abstract art because each person can see something totally different than the next person based on their own perspective.
The Impact uses sharp angles in combination with curved lines to create abstract imagery. The longer that I looked at this painting, the more detail I noticed. The geometric forms in this reminded me of skyscrapers in a gloomy, gray city.
The Cathedral also uses abstract imagery to create an image that not only reminds me of another building like structure, but is obviously named after a building, as well. In this image dark brown is used in contrast to the color blue to signify, I believe, where the ground meets the foundation of the building and the white rectangular images remind me of sunlight reflecting off of the windows..
In this abstract painting cubism is used to create interesting geometric forms of various colors. The flat brown color is used to enhance the vibrancy of the bright yellow colors. What first looked like an abstract building soon looked like stacked boxes in an abandoned room.
Abstract imagery is used in a very interesting way in this artwork. Sharp angles are used with curved lines to create the image of a woman. There is no color variation so the only thing that makes the woman distinguishable are the curved lines that form her.
I know there was a period in time where art work of this type was argued to not be artistic but I love how the real reward comes after spending time analyzing the piece and noticing all of the distinct details. The bright red on white draws the eye to the piece.
The Summer also uses geometric shapes and sharp angles to create the image of a woman in the summer, surrounded by the nature around her. I only realized how many triangles were in the image after closer examination of it. Geometric shapes are used to create the entire image.
Abstract art from China that also shows the use of sharp angles. Upon close detail, countless horizontal lines of varying hues of blue or purple ( I'm partially color blind) are combined to create the whole image.
Initially when viewing this art work I imagined the sharp black angular image to be a stinger from a bee, under magnification. The green imagery could possibly be grass. The yellow colored angles around the black further enhances the black center of the piece.
Interestingly, this work is called Conversation and the various different colors seem to be engaged in "conversation" with one another, at least from my perspective. I also visualize the sunlight during a sunny afternoon, shining through velour blinds, and creating multi-colored shades of light when viewing this piece.
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