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Dedicated to chini canna

I chose this picture because it had beautiful details of the rabbit's fur and i like albrecht durer. My question is did you draw this from a picture or live?
I chose this picture because it shows one of the basic beliefs of Buddhism and that is the existence of Buddha himself.
I like this picture because it shows a time in history and the painting style was something i liked.My question was why did he paint it and was it because he was there? I think he wanted to show the peacefulness of the chinese
I picked this because as it said in title, it is the oldest mask in the world. I'm pretty impressed by how old it is compared to the texture and the design. My question is who made this and which tribe at least? I think he was trying to show a face.
I chose this picture because it has kind of a special connection to me because this is a mosque and i am muslim. I liked the one point perspective shown in this and also the black and white effect. Did he take this picture because he is muslim or was it because he was interested in islam? or was he spanish?
I liked the use of colour in this painting and also the simple shapes he previewed. What type of colours did he use? I think he might of wanted to show arab culture in a way.
I chose this because it is one of my all time favourite paintings and the stars are beautifully previewed. Did he feel something special while painting this? He might be trying to show the landscape
The best thing about this picture is the variation colour and the way it was shown and the bright colours. Why did she paint this with all the colours? Did it express an emotion? she might be trying to show happiness.
I like this sculpture because it shows someone thinking deeply and the details are ok. My question is what was he thinking of when he was making it? I think this guy wanted to show his feelings
I like this picture because it shows kind of the life of black basket-makers in Brazil and this has a deep meaning behind it as it shows that he is really working hard. He is not happy. why did he draw this picture and was it because he was a basket-maker?
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