Elements of Art Gallery- Color, by Celeste Sorby

This piece uses primary triadic colors. The red of the man's clothing, the blue of the wall, and the yellow in the wall, door frame, and flute make up the primary triadic colors.
This piece used secondary triadic colors. The purple of the mountains, the orange of the fields and trees, and the green of the grass and trees from the secondary triadic colors.
This piece uses a tertiary triad. The orange-red in the background, the purple-blue in the shadows on the woman, and the green-yellow under the woman from a tertiary triad color palette.
This piece uses tetradic colors. The purple of the woman's dress, the yellow of the flows, parts of the sky, and object next to her, the blue in the sky, and the orange of the dirt form a tetradic color palette.
TH\his is an example of analogous colors, this cape has ran and red-purple, and also red-purple and purple.
This piece uses complimentary colors, the red of the barn is the compliment of the green tree and the grass.
This piece uses slit complementary colors. Blue compliments orange. The woman in the piece wears a blue shirt, with a yellow-orange hat, and a red-orange chair. Yellow-orange and red-orange at the split compliments of blue.
This piece uses warm colors. The colors are all oranges, red-oranges, yellow-oranges, and yellows.
This piece uses cool colors. It has blues, green-blues, and greens.
This piece is monochromatic. It uses various shades of red to create shapes.
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