Joshes ancient egyptian art

This is art from Ancient Egypt from 50 B.C.E to 3000 B.C.E

I think that a farmer wrote this in hieroglyphics explaining the something that happened. I think it is not that bad because he does not look sad. Like maybe he had a very good farming season or he got back from a war.
To me this looks like someone with some importance or maybe a pharaohs ring. It is made out of gold which is usually for someone important. I think it would be treasured by whoever owns it.
This looks like a necklace made out of gold. I think it is of importance to a pharaoh or a god. It might have that fly on it because it is for the god of the sky.
This looks like a pot that a farmer or craftsmen would have. It is made out of regular materials so that's why I don't think its a pharaohs. it looks like someone might store food or materials in it.
This looks like a amulet for a god. I think it is for Horus the hawk god or the god of the sky. It might belong to a pharaoh or the might of gave it to the gods.
This looks like a cup that a pharaoh might have. I think so because it looks like it is made out of some kind of jewels.
This looks like a god that a craftsmen made. I think this is made for the pharaohs or to respect the god.
This looks like a spoon with a jackal as the handle. this is probably for a pharaoh but it might be for someone else.
This looks like a pharaoh holding someone. I think he is holding Ankh and djed. but I don't knok what that is.
This is a right hand of what looks to be a coffin. I think it might be a pharaohs coffins hand.
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