Her heart is purple, her heart is love.

My wife loves the color purple.  She saved me, is my best friend.  The love of my life.  The one who I would walk through the fires of hell and back for.  Just as the color purple is the color is a regal color.  Symbolic of kings and queens, it to is representative of my wife.  She is regal, strong and intelleligent.  She is my Queen, she is my companion, and together we walk through life hand in hand.  She gives so much of herself to so many as a nurse, a woman and a wife.

Vase's shape being slender and a bit wider in the middle reminds me of my wife. The curving lines and rounded shape towards the bottom and narrow towards the top gives me the impression of both stability and delicateness.
I love the movement in this picture with the butterflies in flight. They are delicate and melodic like the music from the flower. My wife is strong like the cat and delicate like the purple flower but her soul is filled with the music of life as this picture to me depicts with its color and texture shows the soul of nature. Its music.
The curving lines and the intersecting shapes they create coupled with the harmonius and contrasting and unharmonious nature they present gives me a sense of my wife. She is full of emotion and many times those emotions conflict with her between having to make the hard decisions to wanting to only love and be loved.
The satin glowing texture of the purple dress as well as its color gives the impression of royalty. The ladies stance and straight back the slim long lines ads a sense of sofistication which my wife is always portrays and tries to instill in me. The soft white texture of the fur adds a touch of softness to what could be a snooty royal person.
Of course my wife favorite color is purple. This portrait could almost be a portrait of my wife. Dark hair, resting look on her face that carries the look of concern and almost sadness for the patients she takes care of.
This teapots hatching lines on the side with the darker color beneath gives it a sense of depth and like its filled with a magical elixir. The thin curving spout adds a sense of delicateness. My wife loves to drink tea. Day and night she drinks it. First thing I always do in the morning is get her tea ready and wake her with a kiss and a warm cup of her favorite tea.
The color combined with the texture and the positive space filled with tables and chairs gives me the feeling like she is waiting for someone and in her heart knows they are not coming. Its how she looks when she is waiting for her kids to come home for dinner. They are all grown and live in their own homes but she still loves them just as much and it hurts her when they don't return her calls or come home once in awhile to visit.
This picture with is door and the thick foliage is like a secret garden. The lines of the path leading to the door and the older more mature lady in the background looking back with a smile of fondness at the young girl in the foreground. Her cheeks painted red giving the impression of youth. Its like my wife looking into herself the young care free person that is inside locked behind the door. She doesn't let out but looks to it.
The dark colors in this picture give it a feeling of sadness and despair. The curving lines of the waves give a good sense of motion on a turbulent sea. The nurse curved over leaning on the lady gives me the sense that the nurse is hurting. It reminds me of the saying "Doctor heal thy self." My wife puts so much forward as a nurse helping others that she doesn't take care of the things that hurt her. I am always telling her, "did you put ice on it?" or someother thing because she doesn't do the same things she is getting others to do that she needs.
I like this picture. Its like the relationship between me and my wife. The water with its curving, and undulating lines give a nice sense of motion. Not to rough by not all smooth sailing. The colors are concealing but yet swimming on the surface reveals our vulnerabilities which is represented by the nude swimmers. We always feel self conscience and vulnerable when we are naked and despite this she still opens her self up and reveals her vulnerable side to me as I do with her.
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