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This image shows a atmosphere perspective. This is because this image has a blurry view to it. It also has different color shades to show the distance between the mountains.
This image shows a dark background. Then it shows the light source from the candle he is lighting.This is also a high contrast image. This makes it a chiaroscuro image.
This image shows attached shadows. This is because the details around the man hat shows shadows. It also shows it around the woman head in the background.
If you look closely in this image you will see the cast shadow in the background from the man. He is creating this shadow by the light shining on him but he blocking it from hitting the wall. This cause a shadow to form.
This image shows volumetric value by this cube having a 3D effect on it. It went from a 2D figure to a 3D effect.
This image has a value distribution that is balanced. This is because it has equal amount of light and darkness in this image. It shows an equal amount of shade on the value scale.
This image has a value distribution that is unbalance. This is because most of the image is full of light colors and shades. If so there are only a few dark shades and color in this picture.
This image shows all the different values of shades from black to white. This actually shows the value scale in this picture.
This image is a low contrast image because it shows variety of shades from the value scale. This makes the image looks like a low contrast image.
This image represent high contrast. This is because there are no blurry parts in this image. Another thing is that this picture shows a slight dark color in the background and shows light colors on the building.
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