the fine works of historical art

The paintings that will be shown here are either from the 17th or 18th century. These works of art convey the values from that time period or perhaps the type of person they were, like if it was a self portrait of someone. The way that these artist get their message across with lines or color or expressions on a someone's face is very interesting. You will also be able to see the fine detail that they show.  

In the 18th century they valued scientific discoveries and Benjamin Franklin is experimenting with electricity. The way that this painting made is in a way that flows very well together. For example his coat os flowing and the paper in his hand and the kids cloth on him is also flowing.
What i learned in the reading was that Alexander Hamilton was appointed by George Washington to be the first secretary of treasury in 1789. This portrait of him conveys that he was a very sophisticated man.
What i see in this painting of George Washington is that his right hand is reached out forward like he is trying to lend a hand to someone, but that can mean that he is trying to lend a hand to the North. I also see that the place that he is in is very detailed because the table and chair is carved with great detail.
The way that Rosalie Kemble Sully is positioned means that she may be upper class because she isn't slouching. I can see that the artist cover her eyes so that you can't see it as well and i think that that means that the artist wants you to focus on the outer beauty of her and not the inner beauty.
What i got from the reading is that he was also known as "Gallant Harry" and his charm is what made politicians of his time to love him and believe him more. This portrait can convey that he was sophisticated and the artist took his time to put in detail on his bow.
The way that George Washington is positioned says that he was the leader and what he is wearing says that he was a wealthy man because it is very detailed and there is gold on it. the flags on the ground can represent that they weren't as important because if they were then it wouldn't be on the floor.
In this painting of Niagara Falls, on the right side there's a lot of darkness and the clouds are all foggy and it just doesn't seem safe. And on the right side its all clear and calm and beautiful
This painting conveys the beauty of the world and it's Nature and surroundings. The people and dogs in the front look like scared of what is coming their way so they are trying to escape.
What i learned in the reading is that Samuel Morse was the inventor of the telegraph, which helped many people. He was also active in intellectual circles which helped the arts.
In this painting, the man has one less limb and he uses a cane to walk, and these children are talking to him, so i feel like this is trying to say that the children can bring out a smile in these men. Also these children look like they work hard maybe in the fields because they have a basket on their backs.
The men in this painting seem as if they were discussing something and they are thinking about what they are going to say next. And the men with the horses, it looks like he is trying move the horse away.
The watermelon is very detailed in the way that it is carved. It look to me as if someone cut t but then an animal came and ate from it and destroyed it.
In the reading it said that this is a particular painting of Sarah Avery and its a pendant portrait which meant that it was a set of painting mainly a painting of a husband or wife. Sarah seems very high class and wealthy due to what she is wearing because it is just so detailed and the way she is sitting up is straight up with her back to the back of the chair and looking straight forward.
This work of art is so detailed and scattered out that i feel like the artist is trying to catch the audiences eye on the head and they way that it is positioned. But this particular painting has a bunch f random things like food and paper and books, and it gives the audience a chance to focus on certain aspects of it.
This is a very beautiful painting even though the colors are dark it still reflects the beauty of the world. The people in the painting are all looking towards the water as if there sis something there but there are just people in the boats. This seems to look like a small farmland because you can see the cows and the farmers.
This painting was made in 1819, and it can reflect Nature but also trees because it is mostly made up of trees and bushes. I can also see that there re two men trying to escape into the water, perhaps to go to another place.
This painting was made in 1845, and it shows this animal is very angry and it's looking up maybe at a bird that ate his food because of the empty bone that is on the floor. It also shows that used wood that maybe someone used to make a fire, but this animal just seems very angry.
The two red flamingos in this painting convey that they are larger and maybe more important than the white flamingos just because they stand out more. Also all of the flamingos are very detailed but the white ones are far more detailed than the red ones.
This statue of Benjamin Franklin from 1776 to 1785 showed that he was very popular to the people just because he even had a statue of himself. This statue is also the most powerful of him to the people.
This statue of Pius VI Braschi is so detailed, his clothing in the front has so much detail that it makes him seem wealthy. The way that he is looking seems to me that he may be happy but his eyebrows say other wise.
This statue of this child, looks like she is very shy or cold. She also seems very scared of maybe someone, but she doesn't have as much detail as the other statues.
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