Maitte`s ancient rome museum exhibit

The concept of this gallery is about Ancient Rome that was an Italic civilization and with the time it expanded and became one of the largest empires in the ancient world. This gallery has information about the classicism in ancient rome, famous and beautiful monuments, bourbons,roman sculpture,temples and the Romans during the decadence. In this images you can appreciate how the Romans were in their lifestyle, like the way they dressed, the way the celebrated things and what things they liked to do. You can see how everything has change and developed now a days. It is really interesting how the Romans started creating new things without the technology that now we have. You can also see what they liked to do and the way they represented their feelings. My objective is to let you know through interesting images and important information, how the Romans expressed themselves,why they did it that way and with what purpose did they made it, in what they believe,their language,laws,and economy. I hope you like learn more about Ancient Rome while you are enjoying this great virtual gallery!

The San Carlos Academy Bestowing Prizes on its Students is a relief by Juan Bellido that shows the first half of the XIX century when the classicism that had previously artistic academies in Europe. It comes from the Greco-Romans, and this started to give way to a romanticism.
Libertas Mexicana by Jose Maria Labastida is a relief that was made in France. This composition shows how Phidia the famous sculpture of the classical times and in the right a human that represents the ancient Gallic province of Lutetia are holding a shield alluding to the foundation of Technochtitlan.
The Roman bronze sculpture fragment of the Lucentum Forum is an sculpture made with a technique of lost wax in the first century A.D. This sculpture represents the left hand and part of the forearm of a bronze statue, the hand is grabbing a sheathed sword called parazonium grip that was carried by the Emperor.
This painting was made by the Italian Paolo Panini in 1757. This painting shows the most famous ancient monuments in the world. Panini shows himself behind the chair. The figures are seeing "Aldobranini Wedding" because they were admired in Ancient Rome.
Agrippina Landing with the Ashes of Germanicus is a painting that was made in 1839 by Joseph Mallord William Turner in which he uses Bay of Naples as the background for the myth of Apollo. The myth was about that someone omitted to ask eternal youth and wasted away until her only voice remainded.
Romans during the Decadence is a painting by Thomas Couture in 1847. This painting represents the human behavior. In the center of the painting there is a group of revellers that are disillusioned. This is a realistic allegory painting of the Romans in the Decandence
This sculpture was made with animal bones in 500 A.D. The headdress is made of curved feathers,he chest is covered with a piece that has the shape of an animal. This kind of sculpture has Mayan glyphs in the front and back sides.
This painting was made by Hubert Robert in 1785 and it represents a landscape because he wanted to show architecture while bowing to new emotions.He use round structure to make a real effect in the composition.
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