Paintings of the Farm Life

The following paintings were created between 1617 and 2003. Each painting is similar in that each artist uses a variety of rich colors to portray scenes that are directly related to agriculture. Each painting also is a landscape style with a foreground and deep background. I think that painters who enjoy and have a respect for agriculture often portray the things they enjoy about agriculture the most. This includes an appreciation of a variety of colors and textures, an appreciation for the land, an appreciation for livestock, and an appreciation for milk maids.

This painting contains the essentials that those who enjoy agriculture also love. A beautiful portrayal of nature, sprawling land, livestock, and most importantly...milk maidens.
This painting portrays the things that farmers love. At the "gates of the farm" you can see a richness of color, sprawling land, domesticated animals, and of course a beautiful maiden.
This farmer clearly enjoys the things that make farm life beautiful. The richness of a vibrant sky, the beauty of green plants, and a love for milk maidens as seen by the visible child they created.
In addition to the beautiful use of color and portrayal of a sprawling landscape, we can see the male farmer contentedly gazing upon his land, animals, and beautiful milk maiden as she works the land.
The painter has an appreciation for the organic texture of a bulls face, the richness of the color of his hide, as well as the depth of sprawling black grassland contrasting his love for the animal.
In addition to rich color, this image portrays the back breaking nature of the hard work that needs to be down while working the land. The man is seen working intimately with his animals.
This painting shows an appreciation of farm life during the winter season. Many types of animals are portrayed as well as different sized human beings likely portraying a family.
This painting shows a love for the country side. It portrays two cows grazing by a farm pond. It captures the vibrant colors of wild flowers as well as a deep forested background.
This painting portrays the beauty of a bovine farm nestled into the mountains. This painting reminds me of what a farm in Blacksburg, Virginia might have looked like around the mid nineteenth century.
This painting not only is a landscape that portrays agricultural life through a herd of sheep but also portrays the importance of art and community through the portrayal an amphitheatre.
Credits: All media
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