This is an advertisement for the March for Freedom. Tons of people came to support freedom for all people, black or white, on this August day.
The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was one of the most important organizations of the Civil Rights Movement. Many supporters in the north helped raise funds for them in the south.
Here is an altercation between civil rights demonstrators and the kkk. Both of them passionately supporting their side
These are people that came out for the march. There were a bunch of people who wanted freedom
After the Birmingham Bombing, these protesters were furious. They showed that in showing up to this protest.
This March people came to was for jobs. They wanted their freedom.
Here we have another advertisement for the March on Washington. This was in the newspaper promoting it.
This is the Rosa Parks Bus, when she refused to go to the back of the bus. She led this brave movement and was an advocate everywhere.
Here people are rioting against segregated schools. another big issue. Schools were eventually segregated.
This is the devastating aftermath of a riot in this Civil Rights Movement. Many places and people were destroyed.
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