Warm colors

Tyson Jordan

Starting of with a classic, The Scream is a good example of warm colors (The sky and boardwalk
The brightness and hue in this picture makes it ideal for this gallery.
This picture is very dry, due to the setting in the painting and the colors used.
Similar to the last picture, this image uses the color red, but in more of a bright manor.
This painting connects to me on a personal level, because it reminds me of camping.
This painting does a great job at using warm colors, while also showing boredom and hard work (human struggle)
This art reminds me of the second piece in this gallery. The warm colors and art style attracts the viewer.
One of my favorite styles of art, this piece is very abstract and allows the viewer to create their own ideas.
Although this painting takes place in winter, the artist still uses many warm colors. The painting reminds me of my younger years with my brothers
My favorite warm-colored picture I could find. Not only does this painting encourage exploration and relaxation, but it reminds me of going to the mountains every year
Credits: All media
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