Art elements

Line- this is an example of line because it is made of lines and has a unique line structure to it.
Shape- This is an example of shape because it is 2-D and it only has height and width.
Form- this is an example of for because refers to height, width, and depth.
Value- this is an example of value because it describes the darkness and lightness in the object.
Space- this is an example of space because as you can see, it has a lot of open SPACE in it! Also, it's very empty in the room.
Texture- this is an example of texture because it's a rough feel on you fingers if you were to touch it. Also, you can tell that it's full of texture because it is 3-D.
Color- this is am example of color because it refers to as light. Also, it has intensity which is the brightness of a color.
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