The concept of     individuals vs. Society

The theme of individuals vs. society is well presented in all the books in this course. It is very crucial that one masters this concept by having a strong grasp of the different texts. In each book, there are characters who demonstrate this theme by putting other characters or one particular character before themselves and that shows how selfless they are. One can learn from these books that sense of community is very important; it is hard to put others before oneself but indeed worth it and makes one feel better about himself/herself.

Gilgamesh's sword symbolizes power.Before Enkidu,he fought all the battles by himself with his sword.Even though, he was an arrogant leader,he gave the protection of his people priority over himself.
In Perespolis,Marjane is feminist & she wants gender equality in Iran so fights for women's rights.She designs uniform for girls & adds the lose hijab as part of uniform rather than full covered veil.
Just like Marjane's grandfather who was a prince and a political activist who fought for his people, Mirza was a nineteenth century king of Iran who did a lot for Iranians and their rights.
According to Freud,socials relations are defined by the community. Since man is aggressive by nature, his instinctual passions are stronger than the reasonable interests.
Freud believed that man learns to measure his dealings with other men on the basis of ideals. These ideals set prime example of how mankind should be selfless and more caring towards other people.
Socrates was charged with corrupting the youth (pg 21);however in reality,he just wanted the minds of individuals to analyze their views on important issues & that shows his care towards Athenian community.
Socrates chooses death by drinking poison (pg63).He chose that with pride by helping people through preaching; it illustrates the theme of self vs. others because Socrates puts the Athenians before himself.
Cain asked his brother Abel to come to the field with him where he killed him because he had a fight with him over flock(Gn4). This shows that Cain had no sense of community or love for family.He should have been happy for his brother because God was going to give his brother children, instead of being selfish.
This is the typical storm scene where Noah tried to save his family, animals & birds from the rain,since God alerts him in advance (Genesis 7).This illustrates that he deeply cared about the community which is why he protected them from heavy rain.
Early Daoist preached that one should try to get rid of his/her selfish desires in order to live a better life; each person should care about his fellows in the community. Even the sages teach that sense of community is very crucial (chapter 22).
The Taoist Gods said that in order to achieve virtue, one should seek Yin and the Yan (72). This ultimately talks about selfishness and selflessness in the community.This illustrates how each member in the community should accept each other and all their flaws; only then will a nation grow as a whole and live as a prosperous community.
This is the portrait of John and Jesus. Both were send down to teach the whole community, the message of God, and they tried to preach nation, the word of God. For instance, John would go around baptizing people (Luke 3) and Jesus would cure people(Luke 14) because they cared about the community more than anything.
This is a picture of a mosque; a place where Muslims gather to worship God. In the Cow, Allah mentioned that a person should not go to mosque being drunk because mosque is a place where Muslims meet and greet each other. Muslims are supposed to care more about their fellow Muslims . So if a person is drunk, he would not be able to show kindness towards the community.
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