love's colors-devins harris

This Gallery shows love in all of it's colors. This Gallery features the Greek Goddess Venus,the Greek God Mars, and their child of love Cupid. You will also see in this gallery different depictions of love in paintings, and drawings.

First up is "Allegory of Love,Cupid and Psyche". This painting shows cupid reaching out over the mortal woman Psyche.This reflects the theme by the use of color. the colors in this painting are both bright and dark.The colors that represent love are, reds, blacks,whites, and golds. Cupid is the main symbol of love in this painting.
Second in the gallery is "Love Tokens" which depicts three women standing in a field of weeds. One of the women is kneeling,holding, and holding what looks to be a cross which one of the other two women standing in front of her has given her. This painting reflects the theme because of its main use of color. The colors are very warming and loving, by looking at this picture you receive a warm feeling ,and love.
The next painting in the gallery is "Mars and Venus United by Love". This depicts the Greek goddess Venus and her counterpart Mars sitting in admiration of an angel. There is is also a second angel and also a horse. This reflects the theme by the use of color and the two Mythological figures of love. The painting is also warm and you get a loving feel from the entire scene.
Next up Is "Marine Gods Paying Homage to Love". Depicted here is Greek marine Gods and Goddesses in the seam admiring each other, and the angels flying above them. What makes this painting relate to the theme is the use of bright colors and the angels. The angels have white wings which symbolizes love. The colors used in this painting are relaxing and beautiful, giving the feeling of love and comfort at a Glance.
Next is "Lord Help Me To Survive This Deadly Love". this painting depicts two older men in suits kissing each other. what makes this painting so unique to the theme is that the colors used are both bright, and dark. The two men are wearing black and white suits, and there is a red caption below them in what seems to be the German language.The two men are in love, this you can tell by them kissing, and also by the expressions on their faces. The color used for the skin of the two men is bright giving the feeling of warmth, and over takes the dark colors.
Next is "A Loving Mother Feeding Her Baby" This is a Chinese drawing depicting a mother feeding her baby with her other two children by her side. This drawing reflects the theme by the use of simple light colors. The line usage in this drawing is bold giving great feeling and depth to the light colors. The mother has a smile on her face which shows that she is happy, and loves her three children.
Next is "Venus,Mars and Cupid". This painting depicts the Goddess Venus, God mars, and their child Cupid all sitting together. Cupid seems to be longing for the affection of his mother as he climbs onto her while she looks ant him lovingly. Mars seems to be looking at the both of them in admiration and love. This painting relates to the theme by the bright and beautiful colors used. Although there are dark colors used as well the dark colors brighten the higher colors making them stand out.
Next is "Pleasures of Love". This Painting depicts Thirteen people frolicking in a clearing or park in the forest, and seem to be enjoying themselves on that beautiful day. One of the men in this painting holds a guitar and seems to be playing and singing for everyone. This painting relates to the theme by the use of the bright colors; the yellows, greens,reds, and whites.the painting itself is set in the daytime, and by looking at the painting itself you almost feel the warmth of the sun.
Next Is "Venus and Love". This painting depicts the Goddess Venus, and her son Cupid sitting in a forest. This painting directly relates to the theme by the use of dark and light colors. The dark colors seem to give the painting a sense of danger, while Venus, and Cupid are the lightest of the colors gives it a safer feeling, by those two being the lightest and positioned the way they are you get the feeling that Venus loves Cupid no matter what is going on around her,and Cupid feels the same.
Last in the gallery is" The Golden Age (Bacchanal) or the Garden of Love". This painting Depicts lovers in a garden enjoying themselves, the company of their partners and the others around them. This directly relates to the theme not only because of the color usage but also by the the depictions of the subjects. The colors of the painting are both dark and light. The light colors over power the dark colors making the subjects and the linen around them stand out. The subjects are all positioned in a way that makes you feel and see the love.
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