shiron and the road to success

 I chose this theme because it shows the hard work and enthusiasm it takes to get to the top. Its vibrant and curious. Its about finding your place in the world and who you want to be. Also how sometimes your not going to fit in but you will one day. Its amazing how street art can change you.

I see a innocent women with a blue flower.I feel like she thinks the flower is her best friend. the colors to this is blue and yellow. Its in my gallery because i feel like that when im sad. It is on a nice and peaceful wall. It tells me her religion.
It looks like the ocean and the fish are swimming in it. I feel mixed emotions because it looks like the fish want to escape because all of the trash thrown in it. Its in my gallery because it tells a lot. Its very amazing how people show there emotions on the streets. Thats why its in my gallery.
this picture to me feels like anger in this man. I think hes been through a lot of pain and doesnt know how to handle it. I feel like he wants revenge on someone. I see a angry man but also kind time to time. This picture is in my gallery of my pain.
I feel like the chef wants to be the best. That he wants to show his talent. I see lots of colors in the room. It shows how dedicated he is. This is in my gallery because i like art.I feel amazed and talented. Thats why its in my gallery.
I see soccer players wanting to be pro. I feel motivated by the crowd. Its in my gallery because i love soccer and they started from the bottom. The colors are brown and gray. I feel silenced by appreciation.
I see a dog that is very hungry but only ate it because his trainer gave it to him. I feel scared because he looks vicious for that fresh meat. Its in my gallery because it represents like he is eating his own kind. The colors are yellow and red also brown and purple. I feel crazy.
I see a evolution of new species. I feel excited for this new kind to repopulate their kind. Its in my gallery because its new and sweet. It looks like a fish and a giraffe mixed. The way he looks is sad because its looking for a mate.
I see inspiration in young hearts. I feel like all of these words or symbols are trying to tell us something. This is in my gallery because its science. I see letters by a school so the kids can learn respect. There are a lot of colors in this art.
I see a women curious about the world. She doesnt know what to do. I feel like an explorer. This is in my gallery because sometimes i have to stop and think about myself.The colors are red and black in think that stands for stress. I see and adventurer.
I see a man in the world looking for the perfect one but hes an outlaw. I feel curious if he will find love. Hes been searching all of his life. This is in my gallery because it tells me about love and friendship. I feel amazed.
I see a scorpion trying to blend in for his prey. Hes trying to figure out how is it going to get home. I feel like a champion but dont know it yet. This is in my gallery because it symbolizes courage and strength. The colors are suprising.
I see strange letters. I feel confused and accurate. This is in my gallery because its street art. The colors are blue and red. I see difficult to find out what this says.
I see a hard worker just trying to get home and be known. I feel amazed by this art and how detailed it is. Its in my gallery because i know how to be a hard worker and be tired of it. I see all of his stuff on his back so he wants to get a new home. This painting is inspirational.
I see a curious old man who lost his ways of having fun. I feel like he doesn't talk to anyone and wants to be alone. This is in my gallery because sometimes i just want to be alone and talk about life. He is in sorrow. It looks like hes bleeding tears.
Credits: All media
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