Corruption and Individualism

Ultimately corruption and inefficiency can be traced to the dissolution or weakening of community, or through extreme individualism, with an individual disregarding the will of the members of society. Jane Jacobs and Dashiell Hammett show the relationship between corruption and community. Jacobs explains that the community must be united, its interests shared among members, people look after one another and division does not exist. If the interests of the community and the individual contradict, the two cannot coexist. Hammett shows the dangers of an individual or group imposing their own will and ignoring the will of the community, in Red Harvest this leads to death and general chaos in society. Individualism places the desires of the individual over the desires of the community, which could effectively be the decision between fulfilling carnal desires, illegally, and contributing to public works.

The unpredictable nature of death, similar to the unpredictability of the corruption in Red Harvest
Sole individualism cannot exist with the collective will of community, placing the two together creates a fallacy. The mob did not share the desires of the community.
According to Jacobs, the abandonment of community leads to further complications. This piece shows one of the eventual outcomes of such
Lack of an incentive or appeal to the communities interests leads to abandonment. Jacobs stresses the importance of incentivizing.
The increase in individualism and self interest created the conditions for the Great Fire. Just like how the condition of the community in Red Harvest allowed the mob to assume power.
Marketplaces could have individuals of different class and political affiliation, fostering the notion of diversity. Constantinople was the city of the worlds desire.
The lack of community in the Christian faith enabled the Crusaders to sack Constantinople. Similar to the gang conflicts in Red Harvest, everybody else has to suffer due to feuds.
Napoleon showed the significance of community prior to 1804, after it he showed the consequences of individualism and extreme self interest. With Jacobs the strength of it, with Hammett the lack of it
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