Roman God of Freshwater By Kelly Hodge

The following gallery of art includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, and figures of the Roman God of Freshwater Neptune. Neptune was the God of Freshwater, the sea, and the horses. He is known as the counterpart of the Greek god Poseidon. Neptune was worshipped by the Romans as a god of Horses known as Neptunus Equester. 

This art piece is placed in the middle of a fountain that’s surrounded by four dolphins. Neptune the god in the middle which is the central figure, was once holding a trident has disappeared. This artwork was Commissioned in 1677 for the Anunciada Palace in Lisbon, by the 2nd Count of Ericeira.
This bronze sculpture shows the god Neptune of the sea, standing next to a dolphin and a grove of waves. The sculptor sculpted muscles on the chest, arms, and legs of the god Neptune, showing the feeling of his strength. You can see that his hair and beard is unruly from the winds of the waves surrounding him.
This particular statue shows the god Neptune riding a dolphin while, holding a trident in his hand. You can you see Neptune’s other hand placed on his hip, and he has a rather serious look his face. Neptune the Roman God of Freshwater is the main focus of this statue.
This artwork is a drawing shown of the Roman god of freshwater Neptune holding his trident in his right hand. In his left hand you see him tightly holding on to what looks like some type of leaves. In the painting it shows above him some angels with pillars on each side of him. Neptune the god looks to be the main focus of this painting.
The artwork shown in this painting has the Roman god of Freshwater Neptune sitting on what appears to be a concrete bench of some sort. Sitting beside him looks to be some kind of two headed wolf. Neptune is holding a trident in his left hand, the trident looks to be missing its middle piece. The look on his face seems to be like he’s sad or that he’s worried about something. Neptune looks to be the focus of this painting.
This particular artwork shown is a painting done in bright coloring of the Roman god of Freshwater Neptune. In the painting you see him surrounded by horses with the hair of the horses being blown by the wind. Neptune is shown holding something in his hand, what looks to be like a seashell. Neptune’s hair looks to also be blowing by the wind. The focal point of this painting is the Roman god of freshwater Neptune.
This artwork shows Neptune and Amphitrite both riding dolphins. Neptune the god of freshwater is shown holding a trident in his left hand while looking at Amphitrite. His hair and beard looks to be blowing by the winds. Also surrounding them is the ocean, which, looks to be blowing because of the winds. The main focus of the drawing is both Neptune and Amphitrite.
This art collection is a vase that showcases Neptune, Roman god of Freshwater. Neptune is holding a trident in his left hand, you also see him riding dolphins. He’s surrounding by what appears to be cherubs. The vase is based on two colors blue and while; it also features some writing on the back. This vase also features other gods and goddesses. You also see a floral pattern on the vase.
This drawing shows the god Neptune with two horses. He has a trident in his left hand, with two goddesses beside him. Neptune’s hair looks to be unruly on his head from the wind blowing. Cherubs look to be above his head in the sky. Neptune and the Goddesses look to be riding waves with the horses underneath them both.
This drawing of the god Neptune shows him in the middle of a fountain. He is surrounded by a bunch of cherubs; the cherubs look to be holding vases that have pouring water. Neptune has a trident in his left hand; in his left hand he’s holding a dolphin. The artist had Neptune as the main focus of this painting.
Credits: All media
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