Frida Kahlo: One of the best

After discussing Kahlo in class, I found myself drawn to her work. She had a tragic life, and yet her work speaks through symbolism as one of the most beautiful. She is truly one of the greatest artists that ever lived. The tragedy in her life gave depth to her work, giving it meaning where otherwise there would be none.

This self portrait shows Kahlo with a monkey on her shoulder and a cat in her arms. Kahlo's style shows in this work as her self portraits always do.
This work shows how symbolism in art can express emotion. As one can see, Kahlo uses her art to showcase her life, and the tragedy.
When Kahlo got into a car accident, she felt as though it were the end. She couldn't have children, as showcased by this work. Cesarean section is used to birth children that can't be born naturally.
As the title says, appearances CAN indeed be deceiving, and Kahlo knows that, as shown by this work. As an artist, images can be as misleading as a man in a dress. Images can be either/or, and both.
This painting has much of the same as the others, in that the symbolism and Kahlo's style shines and reflects the sadness and tragedy of her life. Kahlo's life didn't harm her art, it gave it depth.
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