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I chose these art works because I have always been a fan of landscape, cityscape, and anything portraying some sort of isolated "hidden oasis" so to speak, I especially enjoy those paintings of foreign landscape or even surreal landscape. It gives me sense of restlessness, as in, I am not fully satisfied with just looking upon what is only visible in the painting. I feel compelled to go deeper and find these places in order to find all of its hidden locations and secrets. It draws me to want to find these places that I have never before seen and to experience all that they have to offer. To me these paintings are like a virtual tour of the world or even someone's mind.

This painting is an example of the " hidden oasis" I mentioned in the gallery description. Though the title is indeed unwelcoming, it also has that draw to it as if it were a forbidden place. A location your parents have warned you about visiting, but this only further adds to the mystery and the want to see what this place is really about.
This painting is similar to the idea I had of a "hidden oasis," but seems to be more publicly accessible. It is because of this accessibility the location loses some of its sense of "hidden" but its emptiness still provides a feeling of isolation. A peaceful place one can go to contemplate on their feelings or occurrences in life.
This cityscape gives me a sense of "winter wonderland" so to speak. As I used to live up North where it would snow frequently in the winter time it brings back memories and nostalgia. This painting, however, appears to be in a foreign country which gives me the urge to explore in order to experience everything here that I have yet to be a part of.
This painting of a castle is yet another one of those "hidden oasis" kind of scenery I do so very enjoy. It brings to mind the times as a child I would find such places, not nearly as elegant as a castle though, with my friend and we would explore and hide and play games in until it was time to go home or we were caught trespassing.
A grand cityscape with canals of water winding through it. Venice has always been a place I have long wished to visit, and staring into this painting only urges me further.
A beautiful hidden location. One similar to "Perspective of Gardens" in the idea that it is a great place to go for one to reflect on their life or to pay their respects to a dear friend whom has since passed.
Another nostalgic picture for me. It reminds me of the strip plaza that my friends and I could usually be found loitering in front of. If my friends and I were born in this era and this location, beyond a shadow of a doubt you would find us here performing our usual mischief and shenanigans.
This painting brings to mind the hotel room I had stayed at about two years ago in Greece. It had a beautiful view over looking the many villas and the vast ocean. I was even fortunate enough to witness the fireworks someone had fired off of a cruise ship. The guitar is also and added bonus due to my dear love of playing this instrument. I can imagine myself visiting here once again with guitar in hand sitting on the balcony and playing my favorite songs, or maybe even be inspired to write some.
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