World of RED

The use of depth in the center red to make the platform for the animal is what drew me into choosing this piece.
the use of thirds to spread this art evenly to let the door make the bird stand out is why i choose this piece.
i chose this because it is jus plain beautiful. all red flowers with glass base to reflect its beautiful red life.
I picked this due to the use of angles with the red to make the flowers pop in the vase. multiple shades of red bouncing off the floor is good use of color off setting.
the red arch drew me in to this only white and red art.
this painting i picked due to the use of canvas breaks. the white not used in places to make highlights rather than using lighter colors is amazing.
i used this one because who would not want to have a red dancing elephant in the collection. one with such detail and depth to the background color to allow the foreground to come alive and pop out .
i put this in my collection because the cherry blossom is my favorite blooming plant. the use of it floating in the sky reminds me of my heaven.
this was use to show the quality of use of red from the 1400,s color was not easy to make and yet it is done here almost to good and to real.
the red pigment used here draws the eye to the baby and away from the rest of the piece.
i picked this because the red in the bird it painted on the wrong side. this is found on the birds chest and belly not its back. the use of geting the point across for viewers to know which bird we are looking at is wonderful.
clean tight carvings in to this box with such pression is why i chose this piece .
this art uses the red to make the viewer look to the brightest part of the painting for an effect of light but strong power from the woman.
i picked this for the use of orange and red combined to make the dress flow and drape in a natural way from this time .
red table, power color for a powerful man.
Credits: All media
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