There exists darkness before one can see the light. The moon controls the flow of water. There is a different season at different times of the year. There is a reason for everything that we encounter. This is why life is ordered the way it is. Thus, the human mind is always yearning to learn of these reasonings. You do not have to be a scientist to observe, hypothesize, and conclude. All one needs is the breathe of life and a sound mind. This exhibit's goal is to portray the order and reasonings for various happenings. 

There is order in that gushing water on the street. There is order in the river going to the ocean. If it stops flowing, it will affect its destination and more (Vonnegut 31). Life is much like this.
The cat's cradle was a major theme that represents the lies that we sometimes get trapped in. However, sometimes it our fixed beliefs that can cause us to be caught in these fixed situations (Vonnegut 164).
Things cannot get done until you take action. It's not only a virtuous truth but also a scientific theory. This painting reveals that she may be worried, but her position expresses stillness. Many times we remain stagnant with our minds running marathons with ideas because of the amount of things that can be done, but sometimes we remain lackadaisical and those thoughts remain in our thoughts. However, we must remember that ravaging animals will continuously attack a flock until they are hunted down (Homer 100). One simple action can lead to a beneficial reaction.
Situations in life can be as a roaring lion prowling about. Then, sometimes you must fall back as the Trojans did when Agamemnon began to strike (Homer 201). You're not giving up, just waiting for the boomerang opportunity.
Everyone will not always see the same thing or understand everything seen. This is why misjudgments occur when seeing a person that may appear to be different or even purchasing a product. It is all in one's perception. This is why "every trace of a value-relation disappears in the names pound, dollar, franc, ducat, etc" (Marx 62). We know the name but do not understand the true meaning or value behind it. In this painting, one person may see a man, a woman, or cannot distinguish between either. The name tells us what is there but what we really see is from our own perception. We do not really know what the painter saw or intended for the viewer to see.
Although we may believe that we are creating new things as time goes along, this is true but we are actually only perfecting what we already knew from the people that preceded us. This is why the idea of a job being compared to enslavement from the feudal society is no surprise. You are confined to work until you have achieved the requirements to proceed into retirement (Marx 365). This man displays how such aspects of society are passed along and perfected. Before we achieved to write our thoughts and ideas on paper, information was passed along by word of mouth. We continuously perfected this trend via the production of books. Because of our improvememnts in mass production, books can be distributed at a reasonable price, most of the time.
We often mourn when a loved one dies. However, we should always be aware that if someone does not go, then we cannot celebrate the meeting of a new loved one and life would not be as interesting because the same people will always be there. This is why newer buildings replacing the older or abandoned ones are necessary to keep liveliness and creativity existent in our city streets (Jacobs 243).
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